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If you put the question "does one Have to read regularly?" the answer is "Definitely Yes!". But to read you specifically, it's your own choice. And nobody has the right to impose their point of view. The other question is, do you know that can give a person daily reading of good books, just for 30 minutes. Perhaps knowing you will have a positive attitude to the process of reading fiction. About reading man will never say that he can't put two words together. Than more well-read you become, the more you expand your horizons, you have a lot of new topics for discussion. Reading develops compassion, teaches us to empathize. We kind of get used to the role of our hero, we pass it the path and experience the same feelings, the whole range of emotions. Reading raises many new emotions. Reading aloud, we cannot help improve diction. Right, beautiful it may be one of your benefits. When reading, try to highlight the main points, the characters with a pencil, so you will be able to improve the mechanical memory. As you know, everything written is better absorbed and remembered. Everyone has his or her special way of reading in which you are more receptive to all the information, the easier it is to digest your brain.

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